Turning something old into something new

Something my husband and I love doing is finding a new project to do for the house. We’ve recently moved and are currently focusing on putting the playroom together. We happen to own a small media cabinet from Crate and Barrel but unfortunately has been destroyed over time and well, kids. Instead of getting rid of it we held on to it during the move in the hopes of giving it a new life. We decided the playroom was the right spot but still wanted it to look good since it’s the first thing you’ll see as you walk up the stairs.

After some thought I decided a makeover was overdue. We ran out to a local mercantile and grabbed some chalk paint in midnight. Not only have I never used chalk paint but for those that know me, white and gray are kind of my thing so this was way out of my comfort zone.

My husband prepped the piece by disassembling and lightly sanding it so that the paint would soak in/take.

After sanding we started the fun part. Painting!! It was finally time to see how chalk paint would apply and to see the color in its fullest. Chalk paint is definitely thick but that also is what makes it beautiful. Each stroke shows and that’s just the look I was hoping for. We decided to apply two coats to make sure we hit every spot to make sure non of the white showed through so all the attention could be on the beautiful black.


The more we got painted the more excited I was getting to see the piece come alive.  We finally applied the two coats and were ready to seal it with the wax.  We opted for a clear wax because we didn’t want to take away from the paint color.


We are so happy with how the paint applied and will definitely be using it for future projects.  If you want to learn about the brand of chalk paint we went with click here to get more info.

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