Nursing Friendly clothing

Let’s get real for a moment.  After dealing with maternity clothes and then having to adjust to your “new” body after baby, all you want is to feel semi-normal when getting dressed.  This was one of the things I personally struggled with after all my kids.  My body never just bounced back after baby and not only that but I tend to hold on to weight (about 8-10lbs) for the time I’m nursing (Cravings are real y’all!).  With that said, I stay in this awkward phase of being DONE with maternity but still not able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing.  Getting ready for the day really helps make me feel put together no matter how little sleep I’ve gotten so investing in new clothing for my in-between phase is high on my priority list.

The key to finding nursing friendly clothing is is either a loose fit where you can lift up and have room for baby or a wrap, v-neck, or scoop neck top that is easily pulled down to the side.   Another crucial item is high waisted pants so that way when you do lift up your top your belly is completely covered.

Here are a few basics that are easy to throw on yet still stylish.  From these you can add to based on the season and your style personality.  Have fun with it!!!


Also, a little trick I’ve learned is that for $16 Nordstrom will change any bra into a nursing bra.  Another great alternative is a bralette, it’s not going to give you the best support but it’s cute and girly and can look really good with certain clothing.  I find that traditional nursing bras have zero support and just aren’t that cute. Finding those alternatives was a life saver for me feeling more myself after baby.

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