Top 10 baby items you don’t always think of

Now that my third baby is almost 7 months (where has the time gone) I’ve decided to put together a list of my must have baby items.  The first few months can be tough.  You’re getting adjusted and more then likely are lacking majorly on sleep.  I’ve compiled a list of products that really are worth it.

My baby’s tend to suffer from reflux.  Even though I breast feed I needed a bottle that would help reduce any excess gas and also mimicked the breast.  I think these bottles are amazing and my little man had no issues going back and forth between breast and bottle.  And a major plus to these bottles is that there’s not a million and one parts which means it’s SO easy to clean. Click here for the best bottles.  Speaking of bottles, a bottle warmer was a must for when the husband was warming up breastmilk.  This bottle warmer was quick and super easy to use.

We must have gone through 8+ different swaddle brands.  Seriously, it was insane.  We finally hit the jackpot with the swaddle up because it allows the hands to be by the face which my son loved.  It was calming for him to rub his hands on his face but he still needed help to control his startle reflex.  You NEED these!  Making sure we’re providing the best sleeping environment is key even when we’re out and about.  That’s where this sound machine comes in handy.  We clip it onto the carseat anytime we leave the house.

Another item that came in handy in the early days with all the middle of the night changes was this wipe warmer.  I mean think about it, who wants a cold, wet wipe touching there soft warm skin in the middle of the night.  We still use ours so it’s worth every penny.

Now where to put the dirty diapers?! The ubbi diaper pail is the best of the best!  It’s pricey for a trash can to hold poo but I promise you that you will not notice any smells in your baby’s room with this thing.

Our favorite bathtub that we’ve used is this 4moms tub.  It has a thermometer built in so you always have the perfect water temperature and it constantly filters out dirty water so your baby stays fresh and clean.

After bath time we like to primp and pamper.  This nail file is the best.  Unlike clippers, it takes out any worry of accidentally snipping your baby.  Another must have for us is the nose frida.  The concept is a little gross, I know, but it works like a charm.

Last but certainly not least is a baby food maker.  I know not everyone is interested in making baby food and that’s perfectly fine.  However, if you are in the market you must grab this one.  It is seriously so easy to use.  I have an older model from my middle child and it still works like a charm.

Well there you have it, my top 10 baby items.


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