Trader Joe’s haul 10/9-10/13

As a family we try to eat a balanced diet.  In order for us to stick with a healthy(ish) lifestyle we meal plan weekly.  It’s always fun to get the girls involved in coming up with a menu and it pretty much guarantees that they’ll eat their food and avoid those “picky” eater moments.  A bonus to the meal planning is that it also saves money, we go to the store with a mission and a list and usually are pretty good to sticking with it.  

About every six weeks we make a Costco run and buy most of our organic meats (chicken, ground turkey and ground beef) along with eggs, milk, and lunch box staples.  Occasionally we’ll buy fruits and veggies there but they tend to be so much that even our family of 5 can’t finish it before it goes bad.

Next up is our weekly trips to Trader Joe’s.  It truly is a trip because the closest one is about 20 minutes away, but it’s worth it.  Once we have all our staples from Costco we sit down as a family and come up with our menu for the week. This week we were craving some Fall comfort foods.

  • Monday- Chicken pot pie
  • Tuesday- Turkey chili with cilantro lime rice
  • Wednesday- Healthy twist on Philly cheesesteaks with sweet potato fries and salad
  • Thursday- Cod topped with slaw and a southwest salad on the side
  • Friday- Pizzas (one BBQ chicken and one turkey pepperoni)

My absolute favorite lunches for the week are TJ’s pre-made salads. I haven’t had one that I didn’t love and they’re so easy and convenient to grab for a healthy lunch option.

Along with grabbing any missing ingredients for our meals we love Trader Joe’s to stock up our pantry with healthy snack options. Some of our TJ favorites are banana chips, coconut slivers, trail mixes, and peanut butter pretzels.

A few other favorites is the pesto, guacamole and salmon dip. The girls love TJ’s smoothies and orange juices. And their cheese selection is oh so yummy!

There’s honestly so much more and I could probably go on for way too long so I’ll wrap it up. If you haven’t been to Trader Joe’s and you have one relatively close I’d give it a try. It’s reasonably priced and the quality of the food is amazing.

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