Trader Joe’s haul 10/16-10/20

A new week means a new meal plan. We made the trek again this week to our favorite grocery store for a few staples and some missing ingredients.

I swear every time we are in Trader Joe’s we discover something new to us. I especially love how it brings my kids out of their “food rut” and they explore new flavors. 

This week we went to the store on our typical mission but we decided to leave one meal open for the week.  Usually they have tastings in the back and they always suck us in, this week was no different.

  • Monday- lasagna with a side of broccoli kale salad
  • Tuesday- cod with slaw and salad (pushed from last week)
  • Wednesday- turkey burgers and sweet potato tots
  • Thursday- lasagna leftovers
  • Friday- coconut curry chicken with jasmine rice and sautéed eggplant and zucchini

Friday’s meal was the tasting they were offering in the store and holy moly was it delicious! We plan on throwing some chicken in the crockpot along with 2 bottles of the Thai yellow curry and one can coconut cream to let it cook. That’ll also give me plenty to freeze for another meal.

While there I couldn’t resist grabbing a few of our family’s favorites. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups, mini ice cream cones and milk chocolate covered pretzels. Clearly I have a sweet tooth but all in moderation right?!

I of course had to stock up on my favorite pre-made salads, they’re easy and taste amazing!! The bbq white chicken salad is becoming a favorite and I usually always grab one or two of the southwest salads.

Well that’s a wrap.  Nothing too crazy just trying to survive this week one simple meal at a time.

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