The battle of the dry shampoos

I feel as a mom of three I was meant for this post.  I mean who has time to wash their hair everyday anyways?! I’ve tried quite a few different brands but I’ve narrowed it down to these seven.

Typically my hair can make it 2 days after washing before it starts to get a little sketch.  The plan is to try a new dry shampoo on my 3 day hair and see how it feels and how long I can make it last.  I’ll write down my thoughts on each one; the good, bad and the ugly.

First up was the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, ringing up at $10-$22 a bottle depending on the size.

  • PROS- It smells so darn good and gives you a freshly washed scent. It seemed to do the trick and give my hair the oomph it needed when I applied it in the morning.
  • CONS- Well that didn’t last long. My hair fell flat by 4:30pm!  I had such high hopes and really wanted to love the results because the smell is just so good.  My hair definitely can’t make it to day 4 so I’ll be washing tonight.

Next I go with Drybar’s Lush Detox Dry Shampoo.  A full sized bottle will ring in at $23.

  • PROS- Sadly I didn’t have any.
  • CONS- This just wasn’t for me.  I’ve used their brunette dry shampoo and had liked it, except for the fact that every time I touched my head my fingers would be brown. This stuff honestly didn’t smell the best but it also left a chalky residue on my hair.  Next!

Alright, this time I ended up reaching for this Oribe Gold Lush Dry Shampoo.  Ya’ll this stuff is NOT cheap!  Ringing in at $44 for a full size bottle and $22 for a travel size.

  • PROS- The smell!!!  It’s perfect not too strong but just enough. No white residue and my hair looks and feels so fresh! I didn’t even need to reapply it on the 4th day and my hair felt so good!!!
  • CONS- I really didn’t want to like this one y’all! It’s honestly perfect! BUT I just don’t know if I can justify $44 for dry shampoo. Maybe since I didn’t need to reapply it again the cost evens out???

Moving on to evo’s water killer dry shampoo.  This one is $25 for a full size bottle.

  • PROS- Smells fresh which is nice for a dry shampoo.  Definitely gave my oily hair volume which it needed.
  • CONS- Shake the can well otherwise it sprays a pure white color.  I ended up having to put my hair up to try and hide the residue and then washed it as soon as I got the opportunity to.

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day costing anywhere from $12 to $22 a bottle depending on the size.

  • PROS- Ok, I’ll probably get hate mail, lol, so sorry!
  • CONS- It honestly did nothing for my hair. I actually had to use another product to add volume and ended up washing it just a couple hours after putting it in because the smell was just too sweet for me. 

Next is the Bumble and bumble, Prêt-à-Powder.  Coming in at $13-$27.

  • PROS- Even though this is not a spray I really liked this one.  It smells pretty good and is easy to work in.  It definitely absorbs the extra oil as well and I really like the volume this provides as well.  A major bonus is that it doesn’t leave my hair waxy, you know what I’m talking about.
  • CONS- Kinda wish it was a spray only because I feel like it would apply quicker.

Last but not least is R+Co DEATH VALLEY dry shampoo.  The price ranges between $17-$29 a bottle.

  • PROS- Oh my word, this smells so freaking good!  I think the scent may just be my favorite out of the bunch.  This applies so nicely too, no white residue!  This also gave my hair some oomph and makes it feel fresh and clean.
  • CONS- Don’t really have any complaints.  It’s pricier BUT the travel sized bottle is pretty decent in size and a little goes a long way.

Overall, out of these 7 my absolute favorite are the Oribe and the R+Co.  Both are pricer but honestly, the more I think about it the more I’m willing to spend to not wash my hair and style it.  It takes FOREVER for me to style my hair the way I like it and I’d rather spend that time doing other things.

I am interested in trying some drug store dry shampoos to compare to these pricier options.  Let me know what your favorite dry shampoo is!!!

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