How I style joggers for the Fall 

I’m currently at that point in my life where comfort is key.  I mean between school drop offs/pick ups and chasing an almost 8 month old around all day I’m beat.  So, because I can’t just hang out in my PJ’s all day I had to come up with the next best thing.  

Thank goodness joggers and athleisure wear is in, am I right.  Being an ex pure barre instructor I’ve got drawers over flowing with leggings and don’t get me wrong, I wear them plenty but as the colder months approach I want something a little more substantial to keep me warm.

Now when shopping for joggers you need to be careful because there’s a fine line between cute and frumpy.  Joggers are really just a more fitted form of sweat pants after all.  A few things I look for when buying joggers are pockets, a thick waist band and an overall fitted appearance through the thigh to the ankle otherwise it’s just not flattering.

The thing that I love about wearing joggers, besides the fact that they feel like pajamas, is that I can pair them with a basic tee or grab a cute sweater for a more styled look.  Below are a few of the different ways I style my joggers so I feel more put together.

Image 1 (on sale!!)

Image 2 (size down!)

Image 3 (size up, they sent me a size smaller then I ordered)

Image 4 (the joggers pictured are from a couple seasons ago but this link is the same brand/fit as the ones pictured) 

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