Taking the plunge into essential oils

Yup, I’m probably the last person to finally try essential oils.  I’ve been curious for some time but hesitant because I wanted to make sure that I did my research and chose the right match for me and my family. 

I am by no means an expert nor do I think the brand I chose is superior than a brand you may or may not be using.  As I was searching it seemed like there were two main players, Young Living and dōTERRA.  Both of those companies are MLM and I know a few people that actually sell Young Living, but that just didn’t feel like the right option for me at this time for two reasons.  Reason number one, I have no desire to sell oils and reason number two, I thought they were a bit pricey, especially since I didn’t even know if I would end up liking it.

As I was searching for clean and high quality oils Plant Therapy kept popping up.  I had heard of them before through what I like to call my “internet friends”, lol, random people from a couple mom groups on Facebook.  Those moms by the way are legit and give out amazing advice to help others so I knew I had to look further into this company.  I’m so happy I did because Plant Therapy is amazing.  They really dummy-proofed it for me and made the process so easy.  They break everything down and even have a kid safe line which I really love.

Now I’m a newbie, and as of this moment only plan on using the oils to diffuse rather then applying on the body but so far the scents smell fabulous and really do set the mood.  I went on ahead and purchased their AromaFuse Diffuser which I really like and appreciate the different timing options available.  I also went ahead and grabbed their 7 & 7 Set, which contains their top selling 7 single oils and 7 synergy oils.

To learn more about why I chose Plant Therapy click here for information regarding their quality and standards.




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