January Men’s Trunk Club Try-On

Warning, my husband is a kid and will do pretty much anything to make me laugh as you’ll see in the pictures, but that’s what makes me love him.  Alright so my hubby, Jason, has a work trip coming up and needed a couple additions to his wardrobe before flying out to San Fran.  I’ve had such wonderful luck lately with Trunk Club so we decided to request one for him before his trip. 


Some Stats on Jason so you can get an idea of fit if you’re shopping for your hubs.  Typically he’s a medium in tops with a 15.5 neck and a 31-32 in waist for his pants. His shoe size ranges from a 10 to a 10.5 depending on brand.



Outfit number one: (I think he thought I was taking his mug shot?!)

  • Trim Fit Non-Iron Shirt– He really liked the pattern and colors BUT the fit was way too tight in the shoulders for him.  He’d have to size up but then it would probably be too bulky elsewhere.
  • Flat Front Wool Trousers– I couldn’t find the exact ones online, his had a check pattern, but these are the same pants just solid.  He really loved the subtle pattern in these.  Two downsides, the pants were long and we had no time to hem them before his trip and he also said he was constricted in the crotch area, so these are a NO go.

I mean come on, lol.  Outfit number two:

  • Bonobos Straight Leg Cotton Pants– He loved these pants BUT he owns an almost identical pair so they’re going back.  They fit true to size with the perfect amount of crotch room, haha.
  • Meritt Cap Toe Derby– He wanted to love these shoes.  The style fits his personality perfectly but apparently there were ridges on the bottom of the insides that felt awkward and uncomfortable when walking.  They were a bit narrow in the toes but overall, true to size.

I mean, he’s a goofball!  Outfit number three: (the button-down and the jeans are from his current wardrobe)

  • V-Neck Merino Wool Sweater– This ended up staying with us.  The Navy color is sold out but there’s so many other colors to choose from.  The fit was perfect and is office appropriate.
  • 1901 Byron Buck Shoe– These also are keepers.  They fit perfectly, not too narrow at the toes and Jason really liked that they can be dressed up with slacks or down with jeans.  Win win!



  • BOSS Fleece Pullover– This was a much better fit, however, it was a bit to casual for what he’s looking for.
  • Knit Henley– He wanted to like this because it would have been perfect for the day of travel but there was so much fabric around the waist that it ended up just looking boxy.
  • Dot Socks– Not pictured.  Jason’s not looking to add socks to his wardrobe at the moment but I still wanted to link them for you.


Overall Jason was very impressed with the pieces in his trunk.  His stylist listened to what he was looking for and so many of the pieces were on major sale which he appreciated.  If you’re interested in learning more about Trunk Club or want to request a trunk of your own CLICK HERE.


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