Warby Parker

To say I was overdue for an update in the eyewear department is an understatement.  I started looking up eyewear and Warby Parker popped up numerous times so I decided to give it a try.  Giving a quick synopsis of my overall thoughts.

Lets start with the pros.  Warby Parker makes it extremely easy for you to try and buy glasses whether it’s prescription or not.  Seriously, all you do is hop online and pick 5 pairs you want to try and they send it your way 100% free.  They have so many options to choose from so if you wanted to try a couple styles out this is makes it quick and easy.  I knew I had wanted a larger, rounder frame so I picked 5 very similar style.

The price point just can’t be beat.  Getting glasses with prescriptions as low as $95 is a steal.  They take any work out of the process and make it extremely easy on you as a customer.

OK, now the cons, well one con really.  The frames felt cheap.  You can really tell the difference between these and other brands.  I’m just in the market for a single pair of glasses so I’m willing to put money down for quality but if I needed to wear glasses often I would definitely buy a couple extra pairs to change it up and the price point with these is right up that alley.

I also think this would be great if you wanted to buy sunglasses with your prescription.  I’m sad that this wasn’t a fit for me but I really do see the appeal with this service and will keep this brand in mind in the future if I wanted a “fun” pair of glasses.

Click here to find out more about the service, it really is a great concept depending on your needs.


So this is definitely short and sweet but I quickly wanted to get my points in without taking too much of your time. xoxo

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