Trunk Club Try-On (May)

This trunk couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m trying to update my Spring/Summer wardrobe by adding some basics, along with some fun pieces, and Halley (my stylist) knocked this trunk outta the park!She sent so many staple pieces in this trunk and I’m really having a hard time deciding what to keep and what to send back.  I’m also scouring the Nordstrom website to see if there are any other color combos in some of the items because I want multiples of each!  If you are interested in trying Trunk Club I highly suggest Halley Bell, she’s been amazing!  Click here to sign up under her, you won’t regret it.

Now to the fun stuff, the clothes, all the items were under $150 which I appreciate because it lets me justify getting more.  JUST KIDDING, kind of, but I do like that each item was on the more affordable side.


WEIGHT: 119-122 (depending on the day and time) HEIGHT: 5'2.5"

Outfit One: This outfit makes me so happy!  This 100% is me and my style and I’m obsessed.  How perfect are these pieces for Spring and summer basics?!

Madewell miniskirt (perfect length and fits true to size)

Whisper V-Neck Tank (run and buy these in all the colors, wearing an xs)

Shoes are not part of the trunk but are a recent purchase, click here to snag these babies!

Outfit two: I don’t want to take this skirt off, it’s so good!!  And this top is perfect and light weight for warmer days ahead.

Tie Front Tee (so soft and lightweight, wearing an xs, fits true to size)

These shoes I ordered right before my trunk and I’m in love!  The block heel makes these the perfect all day heel.  Madewell Heels are always so comfortable.


Outfit three: Sadly was more of a miss for me.  I love Free People but when it comes to some items, they tend to be too oversized.  I was sent an x-small but I think I would need to size down one or even two to not makes this fit so boxy.  The wedges were super comfortable though but I do wish they were more of a nude color because I feel the strap cuts my leg in an unflattering way.

Baby Doll Dress (size WAY down)

Platform Wedges (I feel like I could walk miles in these)


Outfit four: The color of this sundress is perfection.  It looks fabulous against my olive skin and will only look better once I’m tan.  The details are flirty and fun!

Sundress (size up if larger chested, I was sent an xs but feel like a small would fit better)


Outfit five: Yup, put the denim skirt back on.  But the top is so flouncy and sweet.  I love the halter cut, very flattering.  I initially didn’t want to keep it because there’s two buttons in the back that are kinda hard to reach BUT I thats what my husbands for right?!

Floral Halter Top (light weight, true to size)


Outfit six: Really just a top change at this point, but this Free People tee has such an amazing fit!  I need all the colors!  Also, sorry for the close up of my dirty mirror, #kids, but the simple detail on the sleeve was too good not to share.

Tee (true to size, wearing xs)


Outfit six: Not really an outfit and WAY too small!  The top was a size small and although that fit properly the bottoms, also a small, were so tight and cutting into all the mom bod fluff!  I think I would have had to size up to a large in those bottoms.  The color is super cute so it’s a bummer it didn’t work out.  Maybe next year if I live in the gym until then.

Bikini Top

Bikini Bottom (size UP)


Last but not least were these fun earrings.  Not typically my style as I usually wear nothing or dainty but these are pretty cute.


Now the question is what to keep and what to send back.  If you want to see a live try on, head over to my instagram stories, or my highlight reel labeled Try-Ons to see these pieces in action.  xx

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