Slimming down in the new year

Cliché I know, but I started 2018 with the intentions of being a healthier version of me.  Not only that, but finding myself again.  I am still nursing my youngest and an issue I’ve had while nursing is not being able to lose the last 8-10lbs of baby weight.  Not sure what it is but my body just holds on tightly to it.  I was tired of feeling tired and out of shape and wanted to make a promise to myself to give me time to focus on ME.

One day while scrolling through instagram I heard one of my favorite bloggers and insta peeps, Lynzy from Lynzy & Co., talk about Nancy Anderson’s 30 Day Slim Down.  She had just had a baby herself and struggled with the same issue I have while nursing but obviously wanted to protect her milk supply while on the plan.  Once I heard her results I knew I had to look further.  I ended up following Nancy on instagram and she was at the tail end of her second pregnancy.  It was comforting to me that this plan was made by a mama that would understand nursing mom’s needs and if there was ever a dip in supply she made herself readily available to try to fix the problem.

OK, so getting into the nitty gritty.  I started this plan at 132.2 and took my waist, hips, and thigh measurements so that I could track my progress through out the next 30 days.


Unfortunately I rolled into this 30 day plan straight out of the flu or some sort of stomach bug BUT I was feeling well enough I went on ahead and started the plan but just held off on workouts for the first couple days.

Overall the first week was rough.  Not sure if I was still in recovery mode or if it was the changes being implemented but detoxing from the holidays made me feel hung over and tired.  Thankfully that feeling slowly dissipated and by the weekend I actually felt like I had more energy which was nice to put that towards harder workouts.

Finally at the beginning of week 2 I decided to check my progress.  I definitely felt less bloated and leaner but wasn’t sure what that would equate to numbers wise.  Sure enough the scale read 128, that’s down 4.2lbs in just 7 days, that’s insane!  I hadn’t seen a number below 130’s no matter how hard I tried while nursing and here I was just one week down and half way back to my pre pregnancy weight.  Not only did I lost weight though I took my measurements and lost a total of 5.5 inches, 3 of those in my waist!  To say that this plan works is an understatement.


This diet is changing more than my waistline.  I have such an abundance of energy, sleeping more soundly, and my skin is GLOWING!  The sleep to me is the most surprising.  My son usually woke up about 2, maybe even 3, times a night and now he’s down to 1 wakeup/feed.  I’m not sure if maybe my milk is fattier so it’s keeping him fuller longer or if it’s a fluke but either way I’ll take it.

On this plan Nancy has given the opportunity for a “treat” meal.  You still follow certain guidelines but it’s not as strict for one dinner a week.  I have to say, 2 “treat” meals in and I’m finding out that old habits just aren’t that satisfying.  Last week my first treat meal was a bunless burger and fries which I didn’t even finish because it was just too heavy.  This week we went with tex-med and ordered fajitas.  They were good and the chips and salsa at the beginning were AH-MAZING, but the bloat was real afterwards and it just showed me again how this plan has changed my look on food.

Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve had my moments where I crave a glass of red wine and a handful of dark chocolate almonds, especially on an extra stressful day BUT I’ve been making a cup of chamomile tea and it’s been satisfying that want… far.

My thoughts as I enter week 3 is that my outlook on food was so wrong!  I’m learning so much and can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring.


This week was definitely one I struggled with. A lot of that is on me, being a picky eater, but I’ve had it up to here with grilled chicken at this point. Besides being slightly bored with lunch and dinner options I’m feeling pretty fantastic. Tons of energy and overall feeling good. I’m also noticing a huge difference in the way my clothing is fitting which has been amazing and may be even better then the numbers on the scale. I’ve been working out 6 days out of the week and I think that’s also been a huge factor in me feeling so much better. I’m feeling more and more like my old self and that’s been the best change so far. I do miss my wine though and plan on celebrating on day 31 with a glass!!


Ya’ll this week has just been a struggle because I’m doing it alone.  Jason had to travel for work so I had to finish my last few days by myself with three kids.  To say I wanted a glass of wine would be an understatement but I held myself together and finished STRONG!!  I kept up with my workouts and meal prepped before Jason left to try and take some of the “burden” of cooking off my plate.  I continue to feel full of energy, which came in handy this week for sure.  I will say I started to feel bloated at the very end BUT that was thanks to my monthly visiter and not the diet.


Thanks to this slim down I’ve lost a total of 8.8lbs and 8.5 inches!  My clothes all fit so much better and I finally feel more like my old self.

One thought on “Slimming down in the new year

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Really needed to see a real person talk about their experience with the slim down. Heaps write about AB Rehab, but I need diet guidance too…I feel I under eat and would like a good nutrition plan to follow.

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