Old Navy Try-On

Ok, I want to start this post by saying that I pride myself for being honest and upfront with y’all.

I went to Old Navy last week to film a try-on and I was quickly reminded of why I don’t shop at Old Navy for myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I love their kid clothes because they have cute and affordable clothing and PJ’s that the kiddos can wear and stain without me freaking out (lol). However, I felt overwhelmed with the mess of the store, clothes strung everywhere, and the quality wasn’t really there.

Trust me, I get the appeal when they’re constantly having MEGA sales every weekend so I’ll try my best to show you some basics and also some trendier items that you may not want to spend a ton of money on.

I’m also going to apologize for the lighting in my pictures. I can’t seem to correct it because the dressing rooms were poorly lit and i didn’t want to change the colors of the clothes. But let’s get into it!

First up I grabbed some activewear. Y’all know I used to teach barre and love to take Pilates and cycle regularly so I’m pretty picky when it comes to activewear.

  • Workout Tank– this is a great tank to add to the collection. Mine happened to be tied in the back but I think it would be more flattering untied or sizes up and tied.
  • Leggings– NOPE! Save your pennies y’all. If you want a more affordable option for workout wear I highly suggest checking out Zella at Nordstrom.

Next I gravitated towards the jammies because I really do love their pj’s for the holidays.

  • These PJ bottoms– with this matching PJ top we’re so cute. I’m pretty sure there’s matching sets for the family and would make for great pajamas this holiday season. I was in a small in both and loved the slightly oversized fit.
  • PJ onesie– was my daughters favorite and it was cute it’s just not very practical. I grabbed a small in these as well and didn’t like the fit as much but I have a longer torso.

Now moving on to the actual clothes.

  • Brown Sweater– I loved the color of this sweater and it wasn’t itchy at all.
  • Flared Jeans– I wish I could tell you these were fabulous but I can’t lie. They felt thin and cheap. If you’re on the fence about a Demi flare then maybe give these a try but I much prefer this pair for fit and quality. Adding that these are also a mid rise, if that, and don’t hit in a very flattering spot.

  • Puffer Vest– you can’t beat the price and it’s great to throw on over activewear or even if you’re running out the door quickly. This was a small and fit great over a sweater.
  • Sateen Pants– these are their rockstar fit and I really didn’t like them. The sateen finish is a bit out of my comfort zone anyways but I wished these had a slightly higher rise. Def a good price point though if you wanted to try the trend.

  • Swing Dress– this was my favorite piece I tried on because it felt like pajamas but yet I could totally run to grab the kids from school in this. This was a small and I could have gone to the xsmall but I liked the flowy-ness of the skirt portion.
  • Grey Sweater– a great basic sweater. Not itchy feeling at all. Runs tts.

  • Cardigan– this long cardigan is a great addition to your closet. I’m drawn to all things cozy for around the house and this past the cozy test.

  • Sherpa Jacket– another trendier piece. I would recommend sizing up to wear over sweaters. Just be aware that it feels and looks in the cheaper side.

Okay, that’s all folks! I hope I didn’t lose you with my honesty but I’d rather you trust my opinion than buy something I recommended and end up hating it. I’m definitely the type of person who would rather buy one nice thing than three and can be pretty picky when it comes to quality.

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