2018 Teacher Gift Guide

Can we take a moment and give a round of applause to teachers every where! I mean really, their patience and kindness is amazing!

I’ve taken the time to pull aside some of my absolute favorites this year for teachers gifts. All are extremely affordable and all go together perfectly depending on your budget.

Starting from the top left corner and working our way across and down. (Like reading a book)

  1. Face Mask Set– who doesn’t love a good time out to pamper yourself?! I love this gift on its own or even paired with a gift card to a local nail salon or one of the other gifts listed below.
  2. 2019 Calendar– this Rifle & Co. calendar is adorable! Such a sweet gift.
  3. Monogram Mug– I love this mug because it’s great for female or male teachers.
  4. Pen– this Rifle & Co pen is perfect gifted on its own or paired with the matching calendar.
  5. Mini Capri Blue Candle– worlds best candle! They’re so good and this holiday scent is no different.
  6. Socks– who doesn’t love a pair of cozy socks?! I think these are so adorable and will def be appreciated!
  7. Sloth cooling/heating pad– I have no words for how stinking cute this is!!! I mean seriously! Standing in the front of the class or sitting in those desk chairs I’m sure this gift will be a hit.
  8. Pencil Pouch– so cute and you can stuff it with so many of these goodies!
  9. Monogram Journal– I cant get enough of personalized gifts! Especially for teachers who you don’t really know that well but you want to get them something useful.
  10. Scarf– scarfs are so great because you can either wear them or tie them on your favorite bag. This one is amazing quality and currently on sale!
  11. Monogram Necklace– I cant get enough of how dainty this one is. Such a beautiful yet affordable piece.
  12. Hand Cream– thinking of how often teachers wash their hands daily makes my hands hurt. This is the perfect gift to help teacher combat dry hands, especially as we approach the colder months.

If you feel inclined you could even add a gift card to Starbucks, or any local coffee shop. If you’re daring you may even give a gift card for the exact amount of your favorite wine, I’m sure most teachers would appreciate it, lol.

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