Men’s Gift Guide 2018

Do you have a guy in your life that’s a little hard to shop for? I know I do! It’s not that he’s picky but I find myself just wanting to “wow” him Christmas morning. I’ve picked Jason’s brain this year and have made a top 10 list.

I wanted to make sure that all price points were hit on this list as well as some stocking stuffer options for y’all!

Reading this image like a book (left to right)

  1. Softest Sweatshirt– Do you have a guy who appreciates a great piece of lounge wear? I initially had to talk Jason into this one but the moment he put it on it’s become his go to on the daily. BONUS: I’ve 1000% stolen this and worn it too.
  2. Wireless Bose– These make the perfect gift for the guy on the go and these are in my cart for sure! These are perfect for workouts or while I hand out more shiplapping projects….sorry Jas, lol.
  3. Whiskey Set– my guy has a major love for Whiskey and this is a great starter set for anyone.
  4. Black Cowboy Boots– these will be under our tree this year! I’ll admit that I was hesitant to jump on the boots bandwagon but boy do they make him even sexier. We bought this brown pair a few months back and he wears them all the time.
  5. Skincare– this is hands down the best skincare line we’ve found for skin suffering from dryness. It’s hydrating and doesn’t have a “frufru” small according to the hubs. If you’re on a tighter budget or looking for a stocking stuffer then this set is an amazing starting point.
  6. Yeti– not much to say except that this baby is amazing! Jason struggles getting enough water in during the day but that’s now a problem of the past!
  7. Monogrammed Whiskey Set– this one just takes the gift up a notch so I wanted to include it as an option. If you want to go a step further this 11 piece gift set with a open space for your guys favorite whiskey might be your perfect match.
  8. Norelco Razor– A great stocking stuffer and makes shaving a breeze! Jason does his whole head and face with it.
  9. PlayStation– it’s no secret I’m married to a gamer. According to the hubs this is the best system and gifting this along with a gift card for a game would be a great present. If your hubs already has this I can vouch that this VR really takes your game up a notch.
  10. Smart Watch– this is another contender for Jason this year. We have the first generation apple watches but hardly wear them because they look too sporty. This watch can truly be worn with anything. I also like this one as an option along with this one. All are extremely affordable and great quality.

Phew, that was hard to narrow down once I was on a roll but I think these 10 plus are all great options. Happy Holidays!!

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