AGES 1-5 Gift Guide 2018

Oh to be little again! My favorite part about the holidays is seeing my kiddos eyes light up each year and the younger the more magical.

I put in a lot of thought each year on what gifts will wow them and I think I’ve found some pretty great stuff, hitting all price points.

  1. Cleaning Toy Set– I don’t know why, lol, but both my 1 and 5 year old LOVE this toy! Start them young y’all!
  2. Bath Bomb– this brand is my 5 year olds favorite because inside each bomb is a little trinket. Makes a great stocking stuffer!
  3. Scooter– my 1 year old is always stealing my 5 year old scooter and I’m pretty impressed with his balance and coordination already! We already maxed out on his Xmas gifts but this is a definite birthday gift for him in March.
  4. Basketball Hoop Set– now this is something even my 10 year old would love. If you have a game room this would make a great addition.
  5. Tea Set– both my 5 and 1 year old enjoy a good tea party. We had this exact set with our first. We have tried countless of other sets that just haven’t cut it and plan to get this again. This one is by far our favorite.
  6. Fishing Set– another toy both my youngest will love.
  7. Unicorn Pillow– unicorn and sequins are my daughters two favorite things. How cute is this pillow?
  8. Doctor Playset– any toy that encourages imagination I’m down for! My kiddos love playing doctor on their stuffed animals!
  9. LOL– anyone else have a kiddo obsessed with “unboxing” and mystery surprises? My 5 year olds only request to Santa was for this giant mystery box (and slime, but that’s a hard NO).
  10. Calico Critters– my kid could play with dolls all day long! We got her a set of critters to go along with this dollhouse that folds up for easy storage.
  11. Piano– my little guy is going to love this!
  12. Dinosaur– this is for my youngest but my 5 year old will love this as well. They both love dinosaurs, especially the ones that roar.

There you have it! I know plastic toys aren’t for all and honestly I sometimes wish toys weren’t such an eye sore but I’m in this phase of life and am just embracing it. I know they’ll be grown up too quickly so if that means I step on a dinosaur or spot a plastic house from the corner of my eye then I’m ok with it. 💋

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