Last Trunk Club Try-On of 2018!!

I can’t believe this is my last try-on on 2018!! This year has been crazy but so fun! I’ve shared my love for Trunk Club before, I mean trying on clothes in the comfort of your own home is a no brainer, am I right?!

Trunk Club is a styling service, basically you sign up, get assigned a stylist that you communicate what your style is and what you’re looking for in each trunk. The more you communicate, the better the experience. There is a small fee, however if you are a Nordstrom cars holder the fee is automatically waived and if you are not and decide to keep anything from your trunk the styling fee will go towards your purchase.

I will say, this last trunk was a bit frustrating. I have been feeling for a while now that my stylist is “checking” out. She started of so strong but lately has been flaking and I honestly hand picked the majority that was in this current trunk. This is a Nordstrom brand so I know that they will take my complaints seriously and resolve the issues I’m having so I truly feel like this service is 100% worth it.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the fun stuff!!

This first look is so fun and I kinda love the edgy look but also having it be super practical for my everyday mom life!

I’ve been seeing graphic tees and leopard skirts ALL over Instagram lately and have been itching to try the look. I requested graphic tees and this skirt specifically because the price point can’t be beat!

  • Graphic Tee– this brand is one of my favorites for fun tees, quality and price are definitely on point! This is an xsmall and fits perfectly.
  • Leopard Skirt– this skirt fits true to size. It hits me about an inch above my belly button which is where I prefer my skirts to hit. The only “flaw” so to speak is I kinda wish the pattern was tighter but the quality here is amazing and if you’re considering the trend this is an amazing option!

  • Camo Leggings– I’m gonna start with the good here which are these amazing camo pants. I requested these expecting the regular version not the faux leather but the fit just confirmed that they’re a must! I mean these are magic and hold you in all the right places. This is a small and they fit TTS, if you want less compression I recommend sizing up but you’re missing out if you do.
  • Cami– this is so unflattering and honestly disappointing considering the price point. This is an xsmall and fits loose everywhere BUT the chest and the straps aren’t adjustable so they’re constantly falling down.

  • Sweater– I mentioned that I love the idea of oversized knits with silk skirts or leggings and this sweater is so freaking soft and cozy BUT I am not crazy about how large the turtle neck is and feels like it swallows me whole. Such a shame because the color and material along with the price are all so good.

  • Black V Neck Dress– my husband LOVED this dress so just for that I think it’s a keeper! It’s super flattering, low cut but without making me feel self conscious. I was sent a size 4 and could probably do the 2 but loved the length here.
  • Sock Booties– these are so comfortable and I love the grey color. Fit true to size.

  • Black Dress– I saw this dress in the store and wanted a chance to try it on. This dress is so subtle and fun. I love this brand but have a hard time finding the right fit with them sometimes depending on the cut. This is a small and fits perfectly so I’d say it’s TTS as I’m usually a xsmall/small depending on brands and cuts.

  • Wrap– this wrap is definitely not me BUT it’s super soft so if this is more your style I’d say it’s worth the price!

  • Minidress– this dress is beautiful!! Seriously so sweet and I’m torn if I want to keep it. This was something that I picked and I love the lace details here. My only concern is that it is super low cut in the front and with the new girls makes me a little aware of how much is showing.

  • Earrings– these earrings are perfection! I think I might swap them for a gold color but I love the crawler style!

That’s a wrap. Like I mentioned above, this current trunk was a bit frustrating because I pretty much did all the work in finding pieces I wanted but overall I still love the experience of trying on pieces at home and seeing how I can mix them into my current wardrobe.

If you’re interested in giving Trunk Club a try just click here.

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