The Life Cycle of my Hair

Let’s be real, who actually enjoys washing their hair? Because with every wash comes the blow drier and other heat styling tools you have to endure to get your hair looking just right. I know I don’t look forward to wash days so I try my best to avoid them as much as possible!

After a bit of “training” I’ve taken my hair, which used to be able to go 2 days max without looking greasy, to 6 days between washing’s! It’s truly a miracle and I can’t imagine having to go back. As mentioned before there’s definitely an awkward phase with lots of top knots and dry shampoo but it’s so worth it as the time between washing grows.

Let me just add that I have EXTREMELY thick, corse hair and I completely understand that what worked for me may not work for you but I figured I’d share what has helped me.

Day 1: When it comes to hair products I’m a big believer in the whole “you get what you pay for” mentality. It wasn’t until I forked out some dough on quality shampoo and conditioner when I noticed a real change in my hair. My two top brands are ColorProof and recently Kevin Murphy.

I wash and condition my hair day 1 and about every other week I use a deep conditioning mask such as this one by Olaplex. I also avoid towel drying my hair but instead wrap it up in a hair turban like this one.

Once my hair is about 60% dried I use a leave in treatment then blow dry my hair and let it be for the day. I try to only use one heat tool at a time to not over dry my hair.

Day 2: I prefer my hair curled so I use my T3 Base with the 1” clip attachment. The curls are a bit tighter but they last me so much longer with minimal touch ups. I comb them out slightly and spray with my favorite hairspray.

Day 3: I just so happened to workout today and before every workout I spray my hair with dry shampoo, any will do, and pull it up in a top knot or pony using these hair coils. I notice that by doing this the dry shampoo will absorb some of the moisture caused by sweating and helps extend the life of my hair.

Day 4: I will typically add a few touch ups using my curling wand if needed. However before using heat tools I like to use a little bit of hair oil to help minimize damage.

Day 5: Not much to do today but prep my hair for another workout.

Day 6: I worked out again but since this is the third time since washing I skipped the dry shampoo and just threw it up in a pony. I had plenty of dry shampoo from previous days to work in after and give my hair enough umph to last the day.

Of course some weeks are different. As day 1 hair was approaching once again I decided to skip the heat and let my hair air dry. Thanks to swapping out my hair products I can allow my hair to dry naturally without being a total frizz ball. When I allow my hair to air dry I typically use both my straightner and curling wand, linked above to give my hair a more polished look.

Pre Styling: (air dried)

Post Stlying: (next day)

Another tip would be to style/curl your hair the night before. Leave the curls in tight and wake up with the perfectly loosened curl/wave in the morning.

Overall, the gist for me was to extend each wash by a few hours maybe it would be 2.5 days and slowly I could go 3 days between washing and so on.

I’d love to hear any tips and tricks that have worked for you and all hair types! Leave a comment to share.

Adding, I shower daily just with my hair in a shower cap I buy from the drug store. 💋

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