Urban Outfitters Try-On

Ran into Urban Outfitters the other day in the hopes to find some transition pieces as well as maybe a fun outfit for an upcoming Key West trip next month. I’ll first say my store was majorly limited compared to what’s available online and there are definitely some fails for me that I’m almost too embarrassed to share but I won’t hold back on ya and show you the good with the bad.

First look: let’s just get the bad out of the way shall we?! I saw this set upfront and thought this could be cute for a spring beach trip, especially to the keys! Boy was a wrong, and suddenly felt too old to wear anything remotely like this!

Let’s just ignore the fact that I have on the completely wrong bra and panties. This set is actually a sweater material and felt pretty comfortable so I’ll give it that. They only had a medium in the top so the straps were way too long for me and showing a bit more cleavage than I would like. I do like the fact that there’s minimal stomach showing and so think this could look cute on someone younger or taller or both, lol, paired with a denim jacket. Overall, this set made me feel too old to be this cool.

Second look: another fail but mainly because the sizing was way off.

I love the colors in this dress. Perfect for this time of year here in Texas where we have some warmer days mixed in. However, I’m in a size small here and can barely breathe! I mean, this dress is cutting circulation off in my arms, chest, stomach!! A medium or heck, even a large, probably would do the trick.

Third look: now this is more my speed. Denim shorts, high rise duh, paired with an oversized cropped tee.

This look is definitely more “me” as it’s simple and easy. The shorts were perfect, I grabbed a 27 as they didn’t feel like they had any stretch, and they fit with just enough room to spare. A 26 would probably work too but I usually size up in shorts for added length. I could only find a medium in this tee but I kinda liked it this way. A tad more length and just a bit boxier making it the perfect cropped fit.

Fourth look:

I fell in love with this top! It’s been a challenge to find a v neck post surgery that doesn’t show too much cleavage. This top was perfect and so cute! I wish I snapped a picture of it tucked in but that how I would style it with a pair of denim, either shorts or pants, along with a belt and some white sneakers.

Fifth and final look: really just another top 😉

I wanted to make this trend work for me, really I did. But being 5′ 2.5″ makes me look like I’ve been swallowed in a size small. If there was an xx small it may have worked but this one was a hard pass for me which is too bad because I do like the “look” of the oversized button down.

Like I said, didn’t try much and I think this was my most eclectic try on yet. I almost didn’t bother sharing but there were some good pieces mixed in and I thought maybe y’all could get a good laugh in at the pieces that didn’t work, cough cough outfit #1.

I did leave the store empty handed, however that’s because I just started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss and I didn’t know if those same pieces would fit the same after the program.

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