FASTer Way to Fat Loss

My most popular post by far on here is my experience with the 30 day slim down last year and as great as my results were at the time that plan is not maintainable and I honestly wanted something that was going to help me get stronger as well as help me lose the extra pounds from post surgery and holidays.

So I’ve been super intrigued by the FASTer Way plan for quite some time now. I feel like so many of the bloggers I follow on Instagram have mentioned and participated in this program with nothing but rave reviews so I had to see what it was all about.

One of my goals for January 2019 was to put my health and well being on my priority list. After all the holidays I definitely felt the need to hop back on the heathy bandwagon. I had previously done Nancy Anderson’s 30 day slim down the year before at this time and it worked wonders BUT I’ve tried doing strict rounds again and each time the scale would hardly move and I wasn’t seeing any muscle tone difference because she doesn’t offer workouts with that plan. Not only that but I would be constantly starving and felt deprived in what I could eat and when because the foods she allows are extremely limited.

I finally caved and my husband I decided to sign up for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss together since this program encourages eating all food groups, even carbs, and also provides specific workouts for each day. Through this program we also utilize the My Fitness Pal app in order to help us track our foods and see where we’re at for the day.


So this program is considered 6 weeks however you gain access to the portal along with workouts the week before making this plan a total of 7 weeks if you take advantage to the early access.

For me prep week was a definite learning curve and so appreciated before really diving into the plan. It allowed me to figure out what foods work best for each day of the week, whether it was a low carb day, regular macro day or low Macro day.

The prep week also helped prepare me for the amount of food I needed to consume. Seriously, I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten this much on a regular basis before but it just showed me that I wasn’t nourishing my body the proper way. I also learned I wasn’t working out the way my body needed. I was too afraid to lift weights in fear of bulking up so instead I focused on small isometric movements with light weight along with too much cardio and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing any change.

Prep week wasn’t perfect for me, I definitely indulged with some food and wine but even with those few “cheats” mostly sticking to the plan as well as exercise, I was already seeing a difference in my body.


Week one came around and I felt ready to conquer it. I made sure I made my workouts a priority and got them done every day while in my fasted state.

A big tip I would recommend if you’re starting this program is to plan your days ahead of time, especially when it comes to your food for the week. The less I have to think about it the easier it is to eat within my macros.

Every week we’re allotted a “cheat” as well and I definitely suggest you plugging your treat in ahead of time as well so you can adjust as needed for the rest of your day.

The end of week one has come and I feel so good. I’m sleeping better and have a lot more energy during the day. I also have adjusted to the amount of foods I need to consume daily and look forward to my snacks.

WEEK 2 through 4:

I’ve never once felt deprived while on this plan! When they say this is a lifestyle and not a diet I believe it!! If I’m craving something sweet I can enjoy a healthy sweet treat without any guilt.

Around week 2-3 I am definitely noticing a difference in how strong I feel overall. I’m able to do more reps and increase my weight for strength days! I’m also starting to see some changes in my waistline as well as my clothes fitting a bit looser.

At the end of week 4 I had a trip planned but wanted to make sure I stuck with my workouts as well as at least stay in a 14/10 eating window vs the typical 16/8. The trip was short 4, full days, but when I got back I was terrified to see the damage I may have caused. Even though this plan is VERY anti scale I continued to use my scale weekly purely because my scale also shows body fat and muscle percentages. I was relieved to learn I hadn’t undone any progress and was able to jump right back in.


We had our very first 24 hour fast this week and it’s truly amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something. A tip is to have water and tea on hand to help push you through.

I enjoyed this program so much I actually signed up for the VIP plan this week.


I can’t believe how quickly these 6 weeks have gone!

I didn’t realize how many inches lost until I took my final measurements and put my after picture next to my before. The results you can get with this program is insane!! A little hard work and eating smart makes such a huge difference. I’m so excited to continue the program through VIP and can’t wait to share even more progress with y’all!

I’m definitely cringing at the idea of so many seeing my before pictures but the proofs in the pictures and inches lost so here I go.


Weight- 129.2


2″ above belly button 29.5, at belly button 30.5, 2″ below belly button 34.5, arms (each) 10.5, thighs (each) 19.5


Weight- 124

Measurements- 2″ above belly button 26.25, at belly button 28, 2″ below belly button 32, arms (each) 9.5, thighs (each) 17.5

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