Old Navy Kids Spring Haul

So it turns out almost 90% of y’all are interested in my kid hauls after posting a poll over on my instagram stories so I’m excited to share some pieces i recently grabbed for my youngest two. As we get glimpses of Spring and warm weather I quickly realized both Avery and Oliver had no warm weather clothing so I scrolled through Old Navy’s site and grabbed a few pieces that we can add onto as we get more warmer days.

There’s definitely no try on haul coming because getting two kids 5 and under to take clothes on and off would be a nightmare BUT I can confirm that everything fits true to size and the kids love them. We’re just now at the point where we’re getting some warmer days but the mornings are still chilly and when the suns not shining it can certainly be cold so we knew we just needed a few pieces to start a good Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Avery is my Tom Girl who loves to run around in puddles and dirt but she also appreciates a good dress, as long as it’s her favorite color (blue). I grabbed a few key pieces that we can add some neutrals to as the weather stays warmer. Avery is 5 and a typical 5T, XS.

Moving on to some items for Ollie Bear! He just turned 2 and def a true 2T for sizing. I typically like to stick to neutrals for him but couldn’t help myself as I was definitely gravitating towards colors for Spring.

I think we were able to make a great start for a warm weather wardrobe for each of the kids. They play hard in their clothes so finding affordable pieces that are also stylish is always a must.

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