How I tan using my Isle of Paradise

So I’ve received a lot of questions lately regarding my tan so I figured making a post would be a good resource for y’all to use and come back to when needed.

I definitely want to preface this with the fact that I am by no means a tanning pro!! I self tan at home but typically use a traditional tanning mousse. Although I love the color a tanning mousse gives it can be messy for hours after, especially if you have white sheets.

This year I was most definitely influenced by all my favorite instagram bloggers and bought the Isle of Paradise drops and Isle of Paradise water to see for myself.

Ok, so let’s start with the tanning drops. The drops are super easy to use and very forgiving! I ended up buying them in the dark shade so that I only end up using 2-3 drops every 2-3 days give or take. It would have been very easy for me to grab these in the medium shade and use 3-4 drops every 1-2 days instead.

When I apply the tanning drops I simply add the 2-3 drops in my nightly face cream, which ever brand you are currently using. I then run my palms together to mix and then pat/rub gently into my face and down my neck. IMMEDIATELY wash your hands after applying!! Your hands will turn orange if you skip that step!

By applying at night, the tan develops as I sleep and I wake up with a gorgeous tanned glow. No orange and no streaks! The tanning drops have ZERO smell which is a huge bonus.

Moving on to the tanning water, I also opted for the dark shade because I wanted the most bang for my buck. Before using any self tanner it’s always best to exfoliate beforehand and do not apply directly after shaving your legs when your pores are open. If you do it may cause the tanner to settle in the pores giving you a polka dotted look.

I exfoliate in the shower and then apply my body lotions immediately after my shower. I wait approximately 5-15 min to really let my lotion sink in before using the tanning water. Once my lotion is settled I then spray one area at a time (leg, arm, stomach, etc). Using a tanning mitt I begin rub the tanning water in a circular motion. Since this is a water base rather than a mousse you won’t necessarily see where you e sprayed but I promise you that you will feel it. Take your time and rub in thoroughly.

Once I’ve applied to my entire body I’ll rinse my hands, just in case, and then wait 10 minutes before getting dressed. The tan takes roughly 6 hours give or take to develop so I always apply in the evening.

Initially the tanning water has no smell however as it develops you will notice a smell get stronger. The smell luckily washes right off so I always rinse off in the mornings. You will also feel temporarily sticky after applying. Almost like a film is on you, however I feel that way after using any self tanner so that definitely doesn’t bother me.

I reapply the tanning water roughly 2-3 times a month. Usually by day 10-14 I’ll notice the tan has faded. I have not had any problems with streaking but like I said previously, just take your time while applying and it shouldn’t be an issue.

That’s pretty much the gist of it. If you have any other questions definitely feel free to comment on this post or reach out!

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