Trunk Club Try On (August 2019)

If you’ve followed along for awhile then you know I have a love/hate relationship with Trunk Club.

I absolutely love the concept of shopping at home, I mean who wouldn’t?! Trunk Club is a Nordstrom owner company and hello….I’m a Nordy’s girl through and through. The way Trunk Club works is pretty easy. Sign up, get assigned a stylist, tell them your style needs/wants and get sent up to 12 items to try on at home. There is a small fee that is waived if you’re a Nordstrom card holder or gets put towards any item you decide to keep.

Now I want to say that I’ve gotten some really good trunks and that’s why I’ve shared them with you all for so long BUT I think this trunk will be my last. The last few stylists I have been assigned have blatantly ignored my requests and even though I’m trying things on at home it’s extremely inconvenient if there’s nothing worth keeping.

This trunk specifically I requested a good pair of high waisted denim for Fall, some pieces that would transition into cooler weather and most specifically, a cami/slip dress for me to wear for my 11th anniversary dinner at the end of the month.

Y’all, I WISH I had taken screenshots of my first trunk preview because it was ridiculous and nothing that I specified for which was frustrating. Once I saw the other items added into the trunk I knew this was the end. Dresses were added but nothing close to a cami/slip style dress as you’ll see in a moment but it just confirmed what I’ve known the last few trunks. At this time in my life I’d much rather take the time to go into the store to shop/try on rather than be constantly disappointed and not listened to.

Alrighty then, with all that said, let’s move on to the pieces that were included in this trunk.

  • Black Dress – I actually received the mini version of this dress in my last trunk 2 months ago so I already knew it would fit true to size (tts). If I had an event to wear this I would definitely have kept it, however I am just not that fancy I guess and don’t see myself wearing this often enough to justify the price point because it’s definitely on the pricier side. Like I said, super nice, just not what I’m looking for at this exact moment.

  • Beachy Dress – how perfect would this be for a beach/tropical vacay?! Sadly, I’m not going on a vacation anytime soo. So this is totally unnecessary and as far as a sophisticated cami dress that I was looking for. This runs tts and seriously would have been amazing a few months back when we were at the beach.

  • Red Dress – this dress comes in black and nude as well as the red shown. Honestly, the red makes it more for an event of some sort, maybe even the holidays paired with a moto jacket and heels. The other colors are perfect if you wear dresses everyday. Seriously, this felt like pj’s but looks put together. Just not what I was specifically looking for this trunk so I returned it. This is a small and I loved the fit.

  • FP set – this was supposed to be a set and yet only the skirt arrived. Honestly, this was just another confirmation that it was time to end my subscription. I will say the skirt fit tts and it’s a shame the top didn’t come with to give you the sizing info.

Basic Tank – this tank is a great layering piece. Not something I’m in need of at this time because I own a basic black tank already. Super soft and tts.

  • Blouse – this is such a pretty blouse. It’s sheer but would be so great paired with a black bra for a “sexy” look. I was sent a small which was HUGE and I would need to size down to an xsmall or even and xxsmall.
  • Jeans – I asked for high rise and these are just not that!! They’re a great quality but mid rise is not for me. Another odd feature is that the pockets were super shallow. Also, these are a size 2 and I would definitely recommend sizing down because a 0 would have been a much better fit.

  • Black Tee – am I being punked?! This is absolutely terrible and HUGE is an understatement. This is a small and completely swallows me whole.

  • Swing Tank – soft but runs very big!! Size down one or two!

  • Military Jacket – not my style but I figured why not try. I should have gone with my first instinct. It’s well made but just didn’t feel like “me”.
  • Bodysuit – at this point I’m def feeling over my trunk. I love a good bodysuit and this one’s great but it’s so basic I didn’t feel like keeping because it’s something I could easily order on my own. Runs tts.
  • Earrings – super cute, just not for me. They’re on sale too so if fringe is your thing these would be a must.

Honestly, at this point I think I could use this time trying on clothing that relates better to me therefore y’all as well if you’re following along. I think the stylist makes it or breaks it and this was just one of so many fails I can’t give it anymore of my time.

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