How I crimp my hair

Bring on all the 90’s trends!!! Anyone else as obsessed with high rise everything, dresses paired with fresh sneaks, graphic tees, snake skin and now CRIMPED hair! YAS queen!

I had been seeing girls on IG use big barrel crimpers for awhile now but honestly wasn’t sure how it would look on me with my shoulder length, thick hair. I’m so happy I caved because I’m loving the look going into Fall.

Browsing amazon I came across the perfect crimper for me. This one has 3 barrels and has an indicator of temperature so you don’t unknowingly damage your hair.

I’ve only used the crimper a few times now, however I’ve been playing around with it to really perfect the look. I’ve found that “dirty” hair is best! If I use the crimper on freshly dried hair I end up looking a bit too poofy but waiting just a day or two and my hairs ready to roll.

I start like I would with any hot tool, by spritzing a heat protectant in. I use this one because it’s super affordable and does the job. Next I section my hair off. I usually leave the bottom layer and then clip 3 smaller sections on the top off.

The bottom can be messier for obvious reasons so I tend to not worry about how I section off and grab random thicknesses to help create that “messy” look. I do make sure to use the crimper an inch or so away from my scalp to not create bulk. I then work my way down, usually one or two passes. Make sure to only leave the heat on each section for roughly 5 seconds to avoid heat damage of any kind.

Once the bottom layer is done I work on the top back layer then move on to the two side top sections. Remember to not clamp down too close to the top to avoid that “triangle” look!! Another tip, try using even less heat on your front pieces. At least for me that’s where I tend to see the most breakage from coloring and heat tools.

I should also mention I only put the crimper on medium heat! Once each piece is crimped I spray my locks down with hair spray and let everything cool down before combing or running my hands through.

End results, perfectly undone hair!

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