Let’s talk implants shall we

I can hardly believe that it’s been just over a year since I got my breast augmentation. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess, lol. Here’s a few of my overall thoughts on the whole experience.

(I want to preface this with saying I am not telling anyone to go out and get a breast augmentation. I’m just sharing my experience and thoughts. I want to be an open book to you guys and this is something I had wanted to do for a long while and am happy I did personally but would never suggest anyone do the same.)

First and most obvious, do your research! Find a doctor who’s before and after a you love and someone that you can trust. I feel so lucky that I was able to find a doctor that specializes in augmentations and knew his sh*t. He listened to my wants and gave me realistic expectations.

Second, be mentally prepared for the pain and recovery process. Y’all, when I saw it’s worse than child birth I’m 100% serious. I could barely move but even more surprisingly, I had the hardest time breathing. My doctor did mention chest tightness but I think I was so excited for the surgery I kinda tuned it out. Just be prepared to feel very much out of breath.

Third, you don’t come out of surgery with perfect boobs. A matter of fact it can take up to a year plus for your breast to truly settle I to place and that’s normal! My boobs were legit as high as they could be, like just under my collar bone kinda high. My initial thoughts were “f*ck, what did I do” but trust the process and your doctor. I did order a band from amazon, with my doctors consent, to help speed the process along and I’m happy I did. It probably took a few weeks for me to notice them settling which was a relief. Click here for the breast stabilizer I used. Another tip, move your implants around to “loosen” them so to speak to help them settle down as well.

Fourth, take care of your scars! I have an olive complexion and tend to scar easily because of it so I was terrified how I would heal. Thankfully my scars have faded nicely with the help of Bio Oil.

Fifth, have realistic expectations. I have days where I love my new boobs and days where I’m frustrated because it’s definitely a learning curve, for me at least, to dress them. Clothes I wore beforehand fit but not in the same way. Give yourself grace to adjust to your new additions.

Do I have any regrets? Honestly, yes!

I regret not taking my doctors advice and getting the lift he recommended. I was terrified of the scaring but now I know how my body heals so that fear is gone. It won’t be tomorrow but I definitely plan on getting a lift in the future. I also, personally went larger because I didn’t do the lift to try and help fill the void, so to speak, after nursing 3 kids the girls needed major help.

(picture of scars under the breasts)

Another tip to leave with you….do NOT go crazy buying bras right away! I was so excited to shop for the girls that I spent way too much $$$ on bras before they settled. My bra size went down a whole cup from when I made my purchases. Not a huge deal but I would recommend buying just one new bra at first until everything starts truly settling into place.

Feel free to leave a comment below or email me if you have any other questions.