Let’s Chat Tats Shall We…

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know but I finally put my big girl panties on and got my first tattoo. Since showing a quick snippet of my addition on stories my most asked question is if it hurt so I figured I’d take a moment to come on here and share my experience with y’all.

I’m going to start this post by stating I have been wanting to get this tattoo for quite some time now. This was not an impulse move in that sense. I knew I wanted something that showcased my kiddos and I’ve always said that once you have kids it’s like a piece of your heart lives outside your body, hence my 3 hearts tattoo on my wrist. I even played around with sizing by printing them off at home first.

So once you know what you want without a shadow of a doubt you can look for a tattoo artist who specializes in your wants. For me, I wanted mine to be thin, crisp and dainty so after doing months of research I found the perfect spot.

Ok, so finally answer the main question. Did it hurt? Not really, but of course there’s a couple deciding factors in play. First, I pride myself in having a pretty decent pain tolerance, second my tattoo is relatively small and lastly placement. My husband got the kids birthday in Roman numerals in his chest and he almost scared me out of mine when he was describing the pain. Having mine done on my wrist just kinda felt like I was being stung maybe? It wasn’t a big deal at all and honestly could have sat there for longer if needed.

(here’s a picture of me attempting to show it wasn’t that bad without using words to my husband)

The next question I got was after care. Honestly, they gave me a print out and it’s super easy. For me, I was instructed to keep the tape on for 2 days and then to wash it an unscented soap and apply unscented lotion 3x a day for 4 days.

I absolutely love how mine turned out and have zero regrets except maybe not doing it sooner.

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