Teen Girl Gift Guide

What do you get a pre teen girl you ask?! Well lucky for us my almost 12 year old came up with a pretty fabulous list of 10 killer items at all price points.

Gotta say, I can’t take any credit for this post. Addison worked so hard and found some amazing gift ideas for any tweens in your life.

  • Earbuds– lets me listen to my music or talk to my friends without distracting others
  • Record player– easy to use with Bluetooth and also looks really good in your room.
  • Mario badescu skin Care sets– really good brand and their products are really good at clearing skin
  • Lip balm vault by lip smacker– this is a really good gift because during the winter my lips always get chapped and it bothers me a lot and these are even Better because they smell amazing
  • Instax mini 9– these are fun to take pictures with and a great way to capture memories
  • Hydroflask– this is a really good water bottle and will keep your water cold all day
  • Bath bombs-really relaxing and the colors are super pretty
  • Peel of face mask-really fun to do with friends and does a good job at clearing skin

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