Women’s Gift Guide or Personal Wishlist?! 2019

Ok, so as I’m “collecting” items in my cart for this gift guide it’s come to my attention that this really is a proclamation of gifts I’d wish to receive, lol. Of course I’ve added a couple items I already own and looooove.

Also, my intent here was to keep each guide small BUT I couldn’t narrow it down and so instead of having 101 guides for teachers, friends, beauty lovers, etc I figured I’d combine them all and have a little bit of everything. Sure it’s eclectic, but hey, it works.

So even though this is a “hodgepodge” guide I did my best to keep the gifts close to $50 and under together and the over the top gifts separate.

Let’s dive in shall we?!

  • Magic Erasers– this pack was one of my favorite finds because for $40 you can give the gift of a fresh clean face to up to 4 gal pals. Seriously, it’s legit magic and will take every last ounce of makeup off.
  • Barefoot Dreams Socks– I don’t own these but have the circle cardi from them and let me tell you, the material they use is pure heaven! These are SUPER affordable that any one would love.
  • Skincare Fridge– I WANT this y’all!! Keep this on your vanity filled with all your serums, face masks and rollers for a refreshing skincare routine.
  • Scarf– this is such a cute scarf and def a safe gift that you know will get used once those temps dip low.
  • Black Fanny– yup, I want a fanny pack, lol. But the idea of being hands free while on the go sounds amazing. What woman doesn’t want that?!
  • Initial Candle– candles are my jam and I thought these were so cute as a gift for teachers!
  • Chain Huggies– these earrings are super on trend. They’re dainty and adorable!
  • Pink Belt Bag– another fanny, but dang this one is so cuuuute!
  • Huggie Hoops– these are definitely on my wishlist! So classic looking.
  • Hand Cream Trio– this hand cream is so rich and fabulous. Perfect to gift others or even yourself!
  • Studs– I thought these would be paired with either huggie earring above if you have a second piercing. So cute and classic.
  • Slippers– these come in so many colors and who doesn’t love a fresh pair of slippers?!

Now moving on to my over the top gift list. Hubs, if you’re reading this, I’ve been a VERY good girl this year and if one of these happens to be under the tree this year I wouldn’t be upset at all, lol.

  • Gucci Bag– yes, please and thank you! Love the size of this. Perfect to hold the necessities.
  • T3 Curler– my absolute favorite hair tool. Curls last days on end and I love how you can click in different size barrels.
  • Knee High Boots– I’m having a MAJOR brand crush right now! I own 2 pairs of their heels and I can’t get enough!! These are a statement and I love them.
  • Wine Chiller– this definitely caught my eye!! Now that the pool is done this will be perfect next summer to keep the wine chilled and flowing!
  • Necklace– this zodiac necklace doesn’t break the bank and I love how it seems personalized. This would be so pretty layered or on its own.
  • Faux Leather Leggings– I’ve owned mine for over 2 years and wear them almost daily during the Fall and Winter months.
  • YSL Bag– this bag is slightly bigger than the previous bag. I just love how classic and sophisticated it is.
  • Combat Boots– I love these because they are combat boots this shortie can wear and look good in. The others are a little too chunky for this petite gal so the fact that these have a heel and give height makes me really want to try the trend.
  • Sunglasses– these have been on my want list for awhile but I’ve used to excuse of toddlers for not snatching them up yet. They’re classic and edgy, my two favorite things!
  • GloPRO– if you don’t have this yet, add to your list. My skin has seen such an amazing change since adding this into my routine.
  • Pillow Case– another item I’ve been eyeing. It’s so good for both your skin and hair!!
  • Golden Goose Sneaks– I live in sneakers most days so I feel like the cost per wear would make these pretty affordable, lol! But really, I am in love with them.

There we have it. Literally gifts as low as $15 and as high as $1250. I just want to add that these gift guides are making are simply ideas and you can go from there. If you love the look of the Gucci bag as a gift you can definitely find affordable similar looking ones. No one should feel any pressure what so ever! Also, feel free to send this guide to your loved ones if this speaks to you. I know I’m tagging my husband in this one, lol.

Happy holidays and happy shopping, xx.

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