Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Picked Jason’s brain a bit for a little help with this one. He truly is one of the hardest people to shop for because I always overthink his gift so having this in hand makes it super easy now, thank goodness.

  • VR Set– he has not stopped talking about this set!! If you have a gamer in your life that pretty much has it all then this would make a fabulous gift.
  • Skincare Set– I bought this set for Jason a over a year ago and he has become obsessed with it! I absolutely love seeing him get into a routine and care just as much as I do about skincare. This is another amazing starter kit for someone not so concerned about aging. He’s used both and notices a huge difference.
  • Whiskey Glasses & Stones– if you know a whiskey lover then this gift will def be a hit! You could even pair it with a bottle of their favorite whiskey.
  • Putter– according to Jason, this is the best putter if you want to nail your shots, lol. He used this recently and apparently has fallen in love with it.
  • Smart Watch– Jason got this for Father’s Day and loves how sleek it is and how it helps him stay accountable with his fitness goals.
  • Neck Massager– this was a surprise to me when I saw this on his list but, I love that I can sneak it away from him and use it too, lol.
  • Speakers– now that the pools done these waterproof speakers have been amazing! So nice to have our music outside as we swim.
  • Splurge Boots– these cowboy boots are definitely a splurge item. He absolutely loves the look of these and you can’t beat the quality. If you like the style but not the price tag, then I highly recommend these. Jason owns them and they’re very well made.
  • Cologne– this smells amazing! I’m so picky with smells being too strong or musty and this is absolute perfection.
  • Pullover– we bought this for Jason recently and he can’t get enough. Warm without being bulky.

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