Daily makeup routine using just drugstore products

A few months ago I realized that my current concealer was a bit too dark to help cover those pesky dark circles, hello motherhood and lack of sleeping, so as I was in Target I quickly grabbed one to use while I was waiting for my “go to” to ship out.  To my surprise I LOVED the concealer I had brought home and thought it would be fun to do a drugstore makeup review.  Now I did a little research but mainly picked products that stuck out to me, whether it was the packaging or the resemblance to the “higher end” products I already owned and loved.   Continue reading

January PLAY! vs Birchbox

Alright y’all, this is it.  I’ve officially cancelled my monthly subscriptions so these are my last ones for at least a little while.  Why cancel, you might ask?  Well, I am officially a sample size hoarder and even with giving lots away, using, or tossing I still have drawers overflowing.  I’m also at the point that with over a year and a half with each box I’m getting way too many duplicates.  Never say never, but for right now I need a pause from it.  Continue reading