Old Navy Kids Spring Haul

So it turns out almost 90% of y’all are interested in my kid hauls after posting a poll over on my instagram stories so I’m excited to share some pieces i recently grabbed for my youngest two. As we get glimpses of Spring and warm weather I quickly realized both Avery and Oliver had no warm weather clothing so I scrolled through Old Navy’s site and grabbed a few pieces that we can add onto as we get more warmer days. Continue reading

Two piece swimsuit try on

I can’t believe that I’m actually coming on here in swimsuits, let alone two pieces!! After busting my tail feather on my first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss I’m finally confident enough to wear a two piece after having my third baby two years ago. Sure things aren’t perfect and I’m guilty of beating myself up at times over my “flaws” but progress over perfection so here I go. Continue reading

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

My most popular post by far on here is my experience with the 30 day slim down last year and as great as my results were at the time that plan is not maintainable and I honestly wanted something that was going to help me get stronger as well as help me lose the extra pounds from post surgery and holidays.

So I’ve been super intrigued by the FASTer Way plan for quite some time now. I feel like so many of the bloggers I follow on Instagram have mentioned and participated in this program with nothing but rave reviews so I had to see what it was all about. Continue reading

Urban Outfitters Try-On

Ran into Urban Outfitters the other day in the hopes to find some transition pieces as well as maybe a fun outfit for an upcoming Key West trip next month. I’ll first say my store was majorly limited compared to what’s available online and there are definitely some fails for me that I’m almost too embarrassed to share but I won’t hold back on ya and show you the good with the bad. Continue reading