Women’s Gift Guide or Personal Wishlist?! 2019

Ok, so as I’m “collecting” items in my cart for this gift guide it’s come to my attention that this really is a proclamation of gifts I’d wish to receive, lol. Of course I’ve added a couple items I already own and looooove. Continue reading

My review of Tula Probiotics

So I’m officially in my second month of taking TULA probiotics.  I haven’t seen a crazy difference in my skin complexion YET but I’ve noticed a huge difference in my digestion and energy levels!  I have no doubts that my skin will make a change shortly.  One of my favorite blogs actually just did a review of them and I couldn’t agree more.  Click here to read Katey’s experience.  She was actually smart enough and took notes daily and it’s amazing to see her body’s reaction to missing a dose or two.

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