Trunk Club 

Ok y’all.  Right off the bat I’m gonna be honest and admit that I have a love hate relationship with this service.  The concept is amazing!  I mean having access to a personal stylist at any point you want/need is awesome. 

My complaint really is that I had an amazing stylist initially and when she left I’ve been bounced around too many times to truly count. Having to give a new person a description of me and my style was getting old, fast. It got to the point where I was assigned to a stylist and had to ask not once, twice but THREE times for a new trunk. I mean isn’t that silly? I’m asking you to spend money and yet I’m not getting a response?!  I sent an email to their corporate and was assigned a new stylist yet again.  I told them this would be my last chance I would give them.

Well, I’m happy to say my new stylist restored my faith in this service.  She really hit it out of the park by listening to my style needs and fulfilling them.  The lesson I learned from hopping from stylist to stylist is that Trunk Club only works properly if you have a stylist that listens to your current needs and wants and don’t be afraid to ask for a switch if needed.  If you’re interested in learning more on how Trunk Club works click here.

Ok, so lets get into the details of my current Trunk. I had requested some staples to add to my closet and some jeans because I’m still up 8lbs (I’m one of the lucky ones that my body holds on to the the last few pounds while nursing).

HEIGHT- 5’2.5 WEIGHT- 132


There were some really great items in this trunk.  The first outfit I tried on had some hits and one major miss for me.  I loved the feel of the Topshop oversized turtleneck sweater.  I was sent a size 4 which is supposed to fit like a 0-2 and it fit perfectly.  It was so soft but my hesitation is that it’s white and with three kids it wouldn’t stay white for long.  It does come in a grey color as well that I may just have to get.  Seriously, it’s so soft and bonus is that it’s PERFECT for nursing!  Another great piece of the first outfit were these Louise et Cie Bylot Twist mules.  I had been eyeing a pair of mules similar to these but they sold out so I may just cave and grab these instead.  I was also sent a white Halogen Camisole, I wore it under the white sweater because the slits came high but I own a very similar shirt so I won’t be keeping.  A BIG miss for me were these Articles of Society black jeans.  I was sent a size 26 and although they fit true to size they unfortunately were not high rise and the waist band hit in a very unflattering place.  I also was not a fan of the way the distressing looked on these jeans.

The rest of the tops and shoes I paired with these Madewell Highrise Skinny Jeans.

Second combo I tried on were these Steve Madden Gills Platform sneakers.  I was sent my usual size,7, but sadly they fit too big.  I think I would need to size down to at least a 6.5 if not a whole size more.  They’re so cute and I’m sad they were big.  Maybe I’ll order them and see if a smaller size would work.  Next up was a cute Leith Bell Sleeve Sweater. I would say that this sweater fits true to size as I was given a size small and it had a comfortable fit.  I will say if your long torso’d it may fit more like a cropped sweater which would look great with some high rise jeans.  I’ve seen so many others wear this same sweater and it look adorable on them.  It was soft and felt cozy but it just didn’t do me any favors and honestly, I would probably dip the sleeves in my kids food so I’m gonna pass.  It comes in quite a few colors that would be pretty for Fall.

Another miss for me was this J.O.A. Ruffle Top.  I was sent a size small and this thing was SO freaking tight!!  Definitely size up if you end up getting this.  The pattern was perfect and it would be a great top to wear for the upcoming holidays.

Now to the last outfit.  This Treasure & Bond cutout tee is perfection.  It fits oversized and an Xsmall had the perfect loose fit for me which makes it great again for nursing.  The length is great to wear this top with leggings too.  I own so many stripped shirts so I won’t be keeping this one but they have it in a distressed grey that I already have in my cart to order.  These Adidas sneakers are amazing!  They fit true to size and are the best shade of green.  Even my husband wants me to keep them, lol.

The last of my 10 pieces is this Sole Society scarf.  It is so soft and cozy.  The colors are a beautiful shade of blush pink and grey, can you get any more Fall then that?

Trunk Club makes it so easy for you to shop from the comfort of your own home and to try new trends before committing.  I like that I can also try the pieces with my own clothing to see if I can truly fit it into my wardrobe.  Shipping and returns are free and if you have a Nordstrom card the $25 styling fee is waived.  If you don’t have the card then the styling fee would be put towards any item you purchase.  Also, if you need any alterations it’s easy to just run it up to your local Nordstrom to be altered for free.

If interested click here to learn more and/or sign up for your first trunk.

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