Holiday Gift Guide: Girls (8-10)

OK, shopping for a 9 year old girl is SO hard!!  Seriously, my oldest is my hardest to shop for because she’s so particular on what she likes.  I’m not gonna lie but I think we nailed it this year, lol.

Her Wish list consisted mostly of make up but we were able to sneak in a couple more items that I think any 8-10 year old girl would be pretty pumped about.  Here’s a quick list with a short description for each item.  Happy Shopping!

(1) Ulta 72 Piece Makeup Kit

My daughter is obsessed with makeup and while we don’t let her wear it every day, especially to school, we do let her play around at home.  This makeup kit is right up her ally.  I can’t wait for her to open it!!

(2) Lush Bathbomb

Is anyone else’s daughter obsessed with these?  My oldest, Addison, was very particular in wanting the Experimenter because it has all the colors.  Apparently that’s very important when picking a bath bomb.

(3) Make it Real Fashion Designer

I love gifts that make littles use their imagination.  This gift is perfect for any girl that loves fashion.  This fashion designer allows kids to create their very own masterpieces.

(4) Spin Art

OK, who remembers this when they were little?!  I remember loving mine and I know Addison is going to love it too.  This spin art creator is bound to be a total hit.

(5) Rainbow Furry Slippers

Honestly, rainbow furry anything would be a hit but when I saw these I knew they would blow her mind.  We love Steve Madden because the quality just can’t be beat.

(6) Kano Pixel Kit

My daughter is starting to get interested in coding and this pixel coding kit will allow her to use her imagination while she learns a new skill.

(7) Design your own Fashionista Socks

These are right up my gals alley.  She’s super creative and obsessed with fashion.  When I saw these socks I had to scoop them up.

(8) Head Phones

This is the age where staring at the phone is inevitable at times.  We allow her to use her phone to watch/play certain things and having these headphones for car rides will come in handy.

(9) ORB Plush Craft Kit

Are any one else’s kiddos obsessed with “plashes?!” Mine sure is so for her to make her own would create hours of fun!

(10) Chocker and earrings

This 15 piece set of earrings and checkers looks so fun to mix and match with.  My girl is very much a fashionista and I know this set will make a great stocking stuffer.



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