Weekly Wants (achieving the summer glow mid winter)

Sharing my favorite beauty products that help achieve a well rested, sun kissed glow.  Lets face it, it’s the dead of winter and I have three kids, I’m pale and am sporting around some dark circles thanks to some nightly feedings.  



  1. St. Tropez– This is hands down the best sunless tanner I’ve tried.  It applies easily and evenly and gives me that dewey glowing look that I can build on if I wanted to.  It does come out of the bottle a dark brown but I like that so I can see where I’ve applied.  I usually apply at night after dry brushing and then rinse it off in the morning.  Don’t forget the mitt though!!!  Click here for the mitt I use.
  2. IT Cosmetics CC – Hello SPF 50!! I love this product and the coverage it gives!
  3. BECCA under eye brightener – I’ve used this product for just a couple months now and I’m in LOVE.  It really neutralizes any dark circles under the eye and gives a beautiful glow.
  4. IT Cosmetics concealer– I love this concealer because it’s waterproof and my go to especially in the warmer months.
  5. tarte Amazonian Clay Blush– I love how this tarte blush applies and it lasts all day long.  I have this in the color Paaarty, and it’s the perfect pinky shade
  6. Illuminate Pallette– Who doesn’t want a dewey glowing look?!  This gives you the perfect highlight for a reasonable price.
  7. Quench Lip Rescue– So I don’t have this YET but it’s in my cart just waiting for me to hit order.  The name sounds like just what my lips need and I love that the color gives you a barely there look.
  8. 3D BROWtones– So I’m a huge fan of the GimmeBrow which was recently recalled but this gives the same look.  Just swipe it on and go for a fuller looking brow.
  9. IT Superhero– Ya’ll this is the BEST mascara hands down!  It lifts, elongates, and separates.  I get asked if my lashes are false overtime I wear it out.  Seriously, it’s that good!!!


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