N Sale Game Plan

Let’s chat NSale for a moment. After polling y’all over on Instagram stories it seems the majority of you are either not that interested or aren’t familiar with the sale in general. I also got quite a few of you who are in search of basics and I’ll do my best to cover both ends of the spectrum.

I want to preface this post by saying there are perks to having the Nordstrom credit card, I’m grandfathered into the debit and hate that they got rid of that option, BUT I would never encourage getting in any debt for any sale! If pieces sell out by the time the sale is open to the public it will not be the end of the world. They will either restock your size or I’m sure you will find a similar deal in the future.

I have a love/hate relationship with this sale because the coverage is over saturated in the blogger world and gets extremely repetitive which I understand can be annoying. I do think there are deals to be found but not every piece apart of the sale are necessarily worth it in my opinion. For me, I usually end up with regret in the sense that by the time Fall weather is here I don’t want to wear the stuff I bought from months ago.

I think I’ve finally figured out how to shop this sale “smart” and I want to share what I know with you all.

First, make a budget!!! Seriously, out of everything I share on here this is key. Second, take inventory of what you’re missing so you have a game plan. And third, have fun! Shopping shouldn’t be stressful and don’t let the Instagram world make you feel bad if you can’t buy it all.

This sale can be a great time to grab some fabulous quality basics such as designer denim and tops and boots. I stay away from trendy pieces just because those usually end up being the pieces I regret and never wear.

I always stock up on intimates too. Nordstrom carries some of my favorite bras such as Chantelle, Natori and Wacoal. Remember to get sized too!

Don’t forget to check out the beauty department because you can get amazing deals on hair tools, such as T3, and skincare tools like the NuFace or GloPRO.

This year I am personally shopping for my husband and kiddos. This is a great time for me to buy them quality clothing and shoes without breaking the bank. I’ve got a couple things in mind for myself like new intimates and I want a moto jacket and possibly a pair of over the knee boots so if I see a price that I can not pass up I’ll definitely grab it but I’m truly playing it by ear this year. It’s still double/triple digits weather wise in TX so I still want shorts and tanks.

I plan on sharing my favorites from the sale once it starts but wanted to make this post to share my game plan and how I’m approaching it this year. I’ll also show you guys what I actually purchase and keep as well as hopefully do a try on for some of the pieces you all are looking for.

Happy shopping, 💋

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